Experience the new way of energy efficient lighting 



LED's are great for the environment and free of toxic chemicals! A great step towards making your facilities environmentally friendly and hitting your ESG goals. 

Elegant Lights

Choose from a wide range of wattage and lumen output with high CRI Index’s. Experience your surroundings in a more natural way, all while reducing our carbon footprint. No warm up time! Instant Bright light. 

Economical Solution

By replacing your old Incandescent, fluorescent or metal halide lamps to energy efficient LED fixtures, you can bring down your electric consumption by 85%, thus save on your next electric bill. 


LED light bulbs have a longer life than conventional Incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. LED fixtures have high mechanical strength and they can withstand blows and vibrations. LED fixtures will live beyond life expectancy when installed properly.

Rebates & incentives

In addition to saving energy, your LED upgrade project may qualify for rebates to help you offset the cost. Utility companies offer incentives to encourage customers to reduce their energy usage, thus relieving the demand on the national electric grid. Currently, 77% of the US is covered by an active commercial rebate program. North East Lighting solutions will identify and process all rebates for our client, elevating headaches and time-consuming paperwork. 


Uniform light distribution and customized aiming makes LED fixtures easy on the eyes. It also makes it a great choice in areas were light pollution will be an issue. 

Advanced Controls

LED fixtures have many advanced control capabilities. Individual or group fixtures can be set with dimming options to create specific ambiance to the surroundings. Occupancy and daylight sensors are also great options to help you reduce your energy usage. Network Lighting Control Systems can be programed into existing and future BMS systems for total building control.


We use a wide variety of advanced tools that will help us determine the best solution. No matter what size project, from an individual home to a large-scale industrial lighting project and everything in between, we've got the expertise that will meet your needs. New Construction or retrofit projects.....See the difference for yourself!